1 GBP = 92.30 INR                       


BMCF Membership Application and Gift Aid Declaration
Past Donations if any Yes No
Gift Aid Declaration*
If you are a UK taxpayer, under the Government’s Gift Aid scheme, British Malayali Charity Foundation can claim the tax you have already paid on your gift. This means, BMCF will receive an extra 25p for every pound you donate at no extra cost to you. Please tick the box below if you would like BMCF to claim the tax on your gift.
I am a UK taxpayer and I agree to British Malayali Charity Foundation claiming tax on all past, present and future donations I make to the charity until further notice. Please treat my donations as Gift Aid donations.
I wish to apply for membership of British Malayali Charity Foundation. By ticking this box, I hereby agree to abide by the constitution of BMCF.
*Please notify BMCF if you: (1) Want to cancel this declaration (2) Change your name or home address (3) No longer pay sufficient tax on your income. Only BMCF and HM Revenue and Customs will have access to this information. We will not share it with anyone else. For further information or queries, please email us at [email protected]