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Zn {Un-^v-än-§v Im-t\\mbn

tSmw-k¬ sN-dn-bm³

ery morning I arise thinking of you
and at night I sleep dreaming of you;
Every knock I expect you at my door
and stare at the eternal vacuum.
My days were bright with you always in sight
My dawns were colourful and evenings blissful
Alas! the colours have faded and my passions jaded
Swaying and tossing in the gale;
Here I am
A canoe adrift.
The waves lash at me mercilessly,
Looming dark clouds do I sometimes see
on the horizon.
I hear the seagulls squeaking in anguish
as their day draws to an end;
And I look afar for a cloud that has
a silver lining.

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