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 Dear Sir

My Mother in Law has a valid multiple entry visit visa which expires in June 2012 (a two year multiple entry visit visa which was stamped in June 2010). She has been in UK since 1st week of June 2011 and is returning to India this week, her duration of stay after her return will be 175 days.
Since her two year visa was stamped in June 2010 she has visited UK for the following periods
July 2010 to Sept 2010 – duration of stay about 70 days
June 2011 to Nov 2011- duration of stay about 175 days
Can my mother in law come back to UK in January 2012 for a 4 to 5 months stay? I am getting conflicting answers about the maximum 180 days stay in a year rule.
Your guidance will be much appreciated. Thank you in advance for your advice.
J Varghese
AnsNormally a general visitor should not spend more than six out of any 12 months in the UK unless they have a good reason (eg: for receiving private medical treatment etc). The Immigration Officers will check whether the person is genuinely seeking entry as a visitor by taking into consideration the stated purpose (as mentioned on the visit visa application) of the visit against the length of time that has elapsed since his/her previous visits. If the Immigration Officer doubts the genuineness of the visitor (due to the stay of more than six out of any 12 months in the UK) then the entry could be restricted and any future visa applications to the UK may also be refused.

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