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I applied for a Australian nursing registration.  They want adaptation course certificate/varification letter.
I don\'t have one. and the nursing home where I did my adaptation course close is closed now. I contacted NMC, they said,\'I have to get it from the nursing home\'.
Could u help me from where i can get this certificate, because my nursing home is closed. I don\'t have any evidence in my hand to prove this because I did my adaptation  10 years ago. Please advise me in this matter as soos as possible

Please make detailed enquiries to find out whether the Nursing Home was taken over by any other company or if it was under Administration. If so you may contact them to get the relevant information. If it was closed down by the owners or management, then you may contact them to obtain the relevant information. If you are unable to find out the relevant information from the Nursing Home, then you may contact the NMC and request them to provide you a certificate or letter confirming that you were granted the registration after completion of the adaptation course in the UK. However, it would be prudent to contact the authority requesting the certificate and enquire whether they will accept any other certificate or letter in substitution of the document required by them.

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