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I am a Tier2 General Visa holder. My Wife did her MBBS in India. She wishes to do MSc/ PG Diploma in UK for 12 months. I can now understand that Tier 2 dependent visa doesn’t allow Doctor’s or Dentist’s Training. Is there any way for her to apply for any jobs to practise as a Doctor with the above qualified degrees under the above visa in UK?



As per the current UKBA Policy Guidance for PBS Dependents, dependent of a Tier 2 Migrant cannot work as a Doctor unless any one of the following two requirements are met;

-He/she have obtained a primary degree in medicine or dentistry from a UK institution that is a UK recognised or listed body, or which holds a sponsor licence under Tier 4 of the points Based System; OR

-Are applying for leave to remain and have, or have last been granted, entry clearance, leave to enter or leave to remain that was not subject to a condition restricting your employment, whether that is employment as a Doctor or otherwise, and have been employed during that leave as a Doctor.
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