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Dear Sir,

I am staff nurse working at NHS hospital. After the shift some Ibuprofen and some Paracetamol was found in the pocket of the uniform. I mistakenly put the above medications in my pocket. There are some gloves in pocket as well. Manager searched my and found. I did not take that. The Sister in charge did not like me.  The Sister in charge made problems and told lies to the manager.I am facing actions from the hospital. Please help me.

Dear Selvi,
We are surprised of the actions of the employer. 
From the email we presume that, medications were found in your uniform pocket inadvertently.
It is an admitted fact that, both medications are not controlled drugs and can be fetched from the over counter.
At the outset, the employer cannot fasten you with any malice because, the medications foundwere non-controlled drugs. There is no point in taking the non controlled drug outside the working place and you willnot be benefited any way.
The Health Care Law portrays that "errors are humane".
We remind you that, the removing the medications from the Drug Trolley is a misconduct.
We advise you to emphasis the points that, you had no malice in the putting the medications in the uniform pocket and you will not be benefited as well. You have to plead that, above actions were an oversight on your part. We ask you to accept and apologise for the mistake in the first place.
We advise you to substantiate yourcase before the employer that, the removal of medications from the Drug Trolley was an inadvertent mistake and there was no malice behind it.
We advise that same should be the answer for the gloves.
If you have issues with the Sister in Charge, we advice you to lodge a grievance before the employer.
We advice you to take independent legal advice before lodging the grievances. 

Zenith Solicitor.

(Legal Defence Team.)


The information contained in this article are from the event happened previously. The author of this article takes no responsibility in any shape or form should someone decide to act upon or use it for his/her personal consumption. The article has merely been presented exclusively for information. Should some on decide to use it for any reason, is strongly recommended to take independent legal advice prior to acting upon.


Zenith Solicitor.


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