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I am a nurse working in a NHS Hospital. I was dismissed on 2011 from a nursing home. I worked in different nursing homes as agency staff. From 2011 to 2012. In 2012 I joined a NHS. I gave reference of the Agency people and my colleagues. I did not tell of the suspension. Now I am under investigation by the NHS of dishonesty. I am worried. What I can do. Help me.


We understand that, many nurses in the United Kingdom had experienced, the same difficulty you are experiencing now.
We believe that, you are caught in "dishonesty" because of the lack of knowledge, how the health care system in the United Kingdom works. 
We are trying our level best to answer your questions in depth.
Under the Health Care Law, if an employee is disciplined, the prospective employer has to be notified.
For the better understanding we may enlighten that, if there is a discipline in any shape or form, it is a "stains" in the practise.
The prospective employer has to be notified of the every stains in the practise.
Normally, but not as a rule, if somebody is seeking an employment at NHS, it is a prudent practise that, a reference from the previous NHS employer/employers has to be given.
But normal practise is that, an employment reference from an immediate employer and a character reference from any person. 
The case in hand, we advise you that, you have to properly explain to the employer of the reason for not disclosing the Dismissal.
If you are on the belief that, non - disclosure of the dismissal is an inadvertent mistake or a human error, we advise you to explain the same to the employer.

Zenith Solicitor. (Legal Defence Team.)


The information contained in this article are from the event happened previously. The author of this article takes no responsibility in any shape or form should someone decide to act upon or use it for his/her personal consumption. The article has merely been presented exclusively for information. Should some on decide to use it for any reason, is strongly recommended to take independent legal advice prior to acting upon.

Zenith Solicitor.

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