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I was alone in the sea
Alone... Alone...
I Sail in the sea for 6 years
In a world without any seasons.
I saw so many boats, but...
None get to me... I wait, wait
I pushed to the ocean... it was strange

In that strange world, I met the sid.
He get on my boat, he sailed with me.
The waves start to calm down. The boat gain energy.
Then in the Journey i met the third musketeers, the start of
My journey...Our voyage.
The boat moves faster, face the wind together.
The 3 Idiots Changed the direction of the compass.
In the cold night of Jan I heard a sweet voice, it was sweeter than water.
The water gives a refresh.

I saw an iron, flower in the spring. but it has the scent of jasmine. Its stayed with us.
Nature, never allowed to fade... Its close to our heart.

Seasons changed, but the flower stays.
The autumn welcomes with smile, its
Start with a laugh, it taught me the power of smile.
When I first met, never imagine this season will be important to me.

Then the pirate came along with Autumn (with green), but
This pirate robs our food on board and gives us the fuel.

A small pirate gives us a guest appearance & leaved with a mark. (not with compass)

I love the seasons, all brings me something,
Petals may fall, but the bud
will be there, forever... I miss u all

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