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kv-t\-l-am-sW-sâ a-\-kn-se {]-Imiwþ IhnX

Gbv-ôð A-K-Ìn³

The pure light that drives out darkness,
Brings with it a sense of warmth,
The flickering glow shines brightly and brilliantly,
A fiery intense colour beam,
The flame is shining and dancing,
As if it was burning out the pain,
Candlelight brings a mood of love and worship,
The joy and tenderness of the radiant feeling,
Yet a dark and solemn once extinguished,
At times, it shines like the sun so scorching and dazzling,
As time passes, slowly melts away,
Like the feeling of love,
The candle burns to bring light for the world,
And the love brings hope to the world,
The flame flickers and spits with power,
Like love tests the relationship strongly,
Love is a light that burn with internal lustre,
The candlelight lights blaze in the darkened sky,
As it shines more, it shines brighter like the affection of love,
The candle glows bringing happy moments to cherish,
Easily the light will fade and smother,
Like the journey of love,
So treasure it and keep it safe,
Every light will someday die,
In every love, I hear a cry,
Light and love are a blessing,
Love is the feeling that embraces us tight,
And light is the moment that enlightens night.


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