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A-ao-en-bbp-sS {In-kva-kv k-½m\w


Amiliya could hear the murmur from inside the nanny's bedroom. But she couldn't open her eyes, she was in such a deep sleep. However, when she heard the bird chirping outside the window she jumped out of bed. 'Oh! God its too late, the sun is out'. She started murmmering herself then ran in to nanny's bedroom. 'Good Morning nan, sorry Iam too late today'. Nanny looked into her eyes and smiled then said 'Oh! My beautiful, thats all right, but I desperately want a cup of tea, this cold weather killing my bones' and she continued 'I am sorry that I nick your precious rug and left you with no covering in this cold weather'. Amiliya suddenly said 'no nan, do not say like that that's my present, you do not nick anything'. Yes, the rug is so precious to Amiliya because her mum owned that. 

She lost her parents 5 year before in an accident when she was 8year old. The lady who is with Amiliya now not her own nan, she is from a far relation. Amiliya parents had no one, so when they left her, nan started looking after her. But now nan cannot help Amiliya anymore, arthritis made her health worsen than any more. She could only hardly get up and do her daily activities. But Amiliya is a clever girl she is now 13 year old and started working in a small Asian textile shop. Eventhough the money which she get from there is not enough, she always think something is better than nothing. Last week she noticed that the rug which nan had started to rip, this rug cannot fight with the cold in December. So she presented her precious rug to nan and started sleeping with no cover on. She has no money to buy a new rug due to her proverty. She continued busy working in the shop, due to X'mas shopping . She saw that as a part of X'mas selling many new designed rugs came in to the shop. Each day she hang them in the store and fold them back to the shelf in the evening. She really wanted to have the beautiful red coloured rug, but her provery did not allow her to buy it. Whenever customer came into the shop she prayed in her mind ' Oh! God please let them not buy the particular rug'. The shopekeeper started sell the gift coupen to the customer when they come for shopping. 

One day he said to other girls work in the shop and Amiliya to wrap the gift for the customer who win the prize. Amiliya became very sad when the shop keeper said her to wrap the beautiful red rug. However, she did not show her sadness in her face. She wraped them nicely, after that all gifts were placed in front of the shop's glass window. Everyday Amiliya see the gift through the window whenever come for the shift. Days passed she totally forgot about it. She continued to sleep with no cover. The shop will not open on X'mas day so the previous day was very busy. Amiliya got very tierd by the evening. But she felt happy because they all getting the wages today. Surprisingly, along with the wages each worker received a gift packet and Amiliya got the gift packet which has the beautiful red rug in it which she ever wished for. She couldn't control her tears, it started shed down to her cheek. Because she never realised God is even give respect to her innermost feelings and she is so precious to him. Dear friends, our life is also same like Amiliya, the all gifts (dreams) which we wishing are near by. May be they are in front of our eyes we see them every day but we don't realise thats for us until they are given to us by God on right time

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