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Abmw t\m-«v b-Mv F-\ntamÀ- -þþIhnX



I stared at the food, in front of me on the table
I know my mind is not very stable
Knife and fork were kept correct on either side
And a beautiful napkin at front has lovely made
Meat and veg on the plate that look so nice
I think someone presented that very wise
I made a try to cut that meat-up
But, the knife slipped from my hand and jumped-up
The lady sat the near seat, looked at me so strange
But I know it happened because I am an old-range
Those days have passed very soon
When I remember I feel to mourn Running around the kitchen and cooking for everyone

Dishing up and dashing around every zone
Cutting the meat for children and granny either side
Waiting the smile from hubby, whether to know he satisfied Giving surprise pudding at the end
Then yield the appreciation and bloomed the mind Now no children around me to cut the meat
No more hubby to sit near to my seat
Carers are busy in doing their work
I am not demanding so they never look
But I know now I am living a life which I do not wish.
I wish, I will have a life again with my family, to cherish

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