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The long cold rain had caused utter chaos among the poor villagers; making sure their life was like hell. The misery -filled village was known as Curbendorf was going to be flooded. Many people of all age had to be patient for their fantastic turn on a heaven- like a canoe. One day, a miserable incident occurred, a young boy (who was precisely five years old) attempted to drag his giant teddy bear out of the water (it had fallen into the gushing water when he and his family were on a canoe) while he was in his vehicle.




Without a care in the wonderful world, the daft boy had plunged into the freezing sub-zero water.Hearing the boy’s parent’s petrified scream, a young lad (who was fourteen years old) plunged in order to save the hapless child from drowning. Miraculously, the young bloke returned with the absurd boy who was full of glee. In the end, the life-saving teen got awarded a shining gold medal.

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