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1)Why you and your colleague Mr.Cameron followed a policy of making united kingdom to a divided kingdom,Why scotland was rushed for their referendum and even now ?

2)Brexit.We know you are incapable of handle this,Even for your former seater Mr.Cameron had no clear projection on after brexit crisis.Why you both went for it and dragging the whole nation in chaos on the basis of unrealistic facts and well composed lies ?

3)What you have done so far for the Brexit after effects ? a)Inflation -e.g Price of Milk is gone up by 10%,bread by 10% and all essentials in the same way.What you have done for controlling inflation ? b)What is your idea about the Huge job loss as the after effect of Brexit ? c)How you and your party is going to compensate that ?

4)If immigration is such a major disaster why don't you stop it completely except for someone who visit this country and go back. Instead why you follow a USE AND THROW policy on immigration by squeezing the immigrants through huge visa fees and unwanted costs and give nothing back but showing the exit door even after a long term stay in the UK. b)Why your policy is to raise the anxiety of the immigrants who are already here,for a longtime by not even considering their humanitarian concerns ? (A family who lived in this country for 7+ years refused permanent residency as one of the applicant filed wrong value of tax return .?)

5)Not all muslims are terrorists ,But almost all british born terrorists rooted and nourished from muslim community. a)When you are going to stand up and say ''Look this ins't our culture,you cannot continue this,and giving them the opportunity for self check and mental analysis,self awareness ,if anyone have an extremist thinking in their mind,also to look after the neighbours,protecting the nation against atrocities,cowardness. b)Why you don't you invite the muslim community as a whole for their compiled effort to root out the extremists and radical thinkers from our country.

6)There is a large community spreaded and growing in the UK over the years.They are not physically or mentally disabled,there kids are extremely cared by the protective policy of the government.But for no reason they have never worked in their entire life,always depends on benefits,and tomorrow their kids follow the same route with no difference. a)How you are going to scrutinize them and get them earn their bread from their sweat not from the common man who struggle to make a decent living for him and his family ?

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