1 GBP = 91.80 INR                       

British Malayali

  C-t¸mÄ- bp-sI-bnð Po-hn-¡p-I-bpw tPm-en sN-¿m³ A-\\pa-Xn D-Å-h-cpam-b A-t\\-Iw t]À-¡v I-Ì-aÀ kÀ-Æo-kv F-Iv-kn-Iyp-«o-hv B-bn tPm-en sN-¿m³ A-hk-cw Dï­v. {]-Xn-am-kw 1500 ]uï­v h-sc e-`n-¡m³ C-S-bp-Å sXm-gn-em-Wv CXv. I¼-\n \ð-Ip-ó hn-h-c-§-fm-Wv Nph-sS {]-kn-²o-I-cn-¡póXv. Xmð-]cyw D-Å-hÀ Nph-sS sIm-Sp-¯n-cn-¡p-ó C-sa-bn-enð _-Ô-s¸-SpI.   An exciting opportunity has arisen for Customer Service Advisors. Must be degree qualified and should have permission to work full time in UK. Visa validity with minimum 12 months or more only apply. Must have excellent verbal communication skills. Duties will include customer contact over the phone. Opportunity to work in a dynamic fast growing company which is a leader within its sector, and an opportunity for growth within the company. We offer comprehensive training for our positions so you do not need to have previous contact centre experience. All we ask is that you have a great telephone manner and PC skills and enjoy dealing with customers. You need to have a confident approach, and be able to handle objections. Earning potential £1300 to £1500 (net income). In

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